Say “hi” to the new generation!

We are a second generation fintech solution enriching your freedom to spend, earn, save and transfer money.

Through the cooperation with Contis Group Ltd we are directly e-money licensed in the UK and 30 European countries, while our QuantoPay VISA cards have global functionality and usage from the beginning.



We believe in fairness and we act accordingly. We are aiming to enable the access to financial services to everybody through technology and education.

Our vision is to merge both of centralised and decentralised worlds to give you the smoothest financial experience.


Finally a new attitude!

We will not take money away but we will actually give it to you.

Save on fees for every transfer or payment. We will take care of financial aspects of the user through our education initiative.

If you care, #wecare and together we'll change the world.

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QuantoPay Visa Card

Our physical design limited edition card and our virtual card will help you to spend smarter offline and online. Pay and help us building a caring community with global ambitions.


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Euro IBAN Account

Your own private IBAN account to manage your assets

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Physical card & virtual card for a safer online shopping experience

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Additional Card

Create and manage an IBAN account for a family member, friend or somebody that you care about.

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